Monday, 9 December 2013

Why SEO Doesn't Work for Small Businesses?

It is often seen that that small business owners choose the cheap option keeping in their budget rather than choosing the right option. Expensive SEO is not required but it should not be realistic. If the SEO does not work than it becomes expensive. You should look for someone who can do the right things at the best price rather than cheapest thing at the cheapest price.

In the past 12 months Google has adopted many changes in ranking the websites than it has adopted in its entire history. SEO is an evolving and ongoing process. Over 600 changes will be adopted this year to the ranking software admits Google. The SEO does not last forever once you get it on your site; you need a partner or employee to look after this every week frequently and adopt necessary changes.

Delivering sales and leads from search engines can be done in two ways particularly in case of Google. The first way is to get to the top of Google so that you can attract millions of visitors. For achieving this, 99.9% of small business owners have least chances, as this requires costs and fortune, involves a lot of time and a large amount of resources. The second option is to choose more relevant and target on long term perspectives. This option is more reliable for the small business owners and is recommended by many SEO companies. These can be easily achieved and are less expensive in terms of resources and cost.

When it comes to getting your website on a page like Google, link building is a crucial factor. Small business owners adopt cheap solutions for this. Link farms in India and Russia are the cheap solutions. Google has now become very good at spotting these so that they do not have adverse impacts on your website. Link building must be good in quality and you must have a clear strategy from your employee or partner about how they plan to achieve this.

Many small business owners neglect social media as they likely consider it wastage of time and a teenage sensation. However, they ignore it as a good business opportunity. Social media is a large source of leads and sales. Now Google measures how effective and engaged you are in social media. 

Website- most of the small business owners built their website for once and then they forget about it for many years. Your website requires regular up-gradation and change the message occasionally. This may not be noticed by Google and will not lead in increasing your ranking but your potential customers will definitely notice this and take decisions accordingly.

Content- many of the small business owners put as much as information as possible on their website and make the blunder of treating their website differently. The information about company, products, services, offers, downloadable brochure etc is available so that the customer can easily access it.

Data Capture- for helping people who are at the different stages of buying process, there needs to be multiple data capture points. You can achieve five times more impact on the sales and leads just by fixing your onsite conversations and particularly data capture.

Input- just by employing one person is not sufficient for online business as there exists many disciplines and it requires a lot of efforts. So you have to employ two or three employee or find a partner who charge affordable price and deliver the best work. The more you work for your website the better results you will get.